2 Days of Inspiring Disruptive Thinking & Learning

2WelcomeDSummit08:45Main Stage
3Digitalization, Disruption and Tech Influence: It’s not about the technology Jens Erik Ebbesen09:00Main Stage
4Why leaders should invest in #change agentsDr. David A. Bray09:30Main Stage
5Privacy by DesignMichelle Finneran Dennedy10:00Main Stage
6 Values by DesignJohn C. Havens10:30Main Stage
7Morning BreakDSummit11:00Foyer
8D1 Data, D2 Digital, D3 Disruption & D4 Design TracksDSummit11:45R1, R2, R3, & R4
10Disrupting Government DigitallySiim Sikkut14:15Main Stage
11Learn why cloud computing is the default technology choice for startups and established enterprises that are seeking to create new products and transform the way in which they serve customers - How new architectural patterns for application development, deployment, operations & scaling are enabling AWS customers to reduce their technology delivery costs to a faction of those for traditional IT - Understand how you can innovate and move fast, whilst improving the security and compliance controls that you need innovate in payments, banking and other sectors where privacy and security are essential components of any product offeringAnne Mansson14:45Main Stage
12CXO TalksLive Discussions and Q&A with some of the most influential CXOs driving Digital TransformationMichael Krigsman15:30Main Stage
13Networking and End of Day 1DSummit16:30Foyer
1Become a Data Driven business or be out of BusinessIngo Paas11:45Room 1
2Stay ahead of the comepetition by leveraging Predictive AnalyticsAditya Agrawal12:45Room 1
1Advancing Humanity through Digital TechnologyKonstantinos Karachalios11:45Room 2
2API Economy is Fueling DisruptionLiad Bokovsky12:45Room 2
1A Roadmap to Digital CulturesDavid Gentle11:45Room 3
2What I learned after three times of almost going bankrupt before becoming successfulDenis Gorshkov12:45Room 3
1Kenneth Verlage - CIO PostNord: Digitalisation in reality - bringing a company est 1634 into the futureKenneth Verlage09:00Main Stage
2Customer Centric Organizations How are new technologies challenging existing businesses? How are industries adapting to the change and how are they coping with the changing competitor landscape? How new, digitally-driven, tech companies understand big data and transform organisations into more efficient and productive entitiesBaman Motivala09:30Main Stage
3Experiences from when Enterprises start to roll out cloud services and how to protect the dataAndy Aplin10:00Main Stage
4Safeguarding data sovereignty Eva Schulz-Kamm, NXP Political Affairs & Public Co-CreationEva Schulz-Kamm11:30Room 1
5Digital Transformation and Readiness - Hans Frolich, VP, Head Global Digital Services (GDS), Core Business Services, GSKHans Frölich11:30Room 2
6Human Centric Management: Regenerative Managing for a digitalizing world Kari Mikkelä11:30Room 3
7Next Generation of Things and Powerful Story Telling through DigitalMatthew Scott11:30Room 4
8Data: A Privacy Engineering Advanced Tutorial Ian Oliver12:25Room 1
9Big Data, Personal Data, and the Ilusion of Personal Agency: Defending our Digital Self Peter Vander Auwera12:25Room 2
10The Platform Design Canvas: a tool for Business DesignSimone Cicero12:25Room 3
11Innovate or Die: Design Thinking - From idea to implementationDr. Julia Goga Cooke12:25Room 4
12LunchTech Influencing13:15Foyer
13CXO Talk: Live Discussions and Q&A with some of the most influential CXOs driving Digital TransformationMichael Krigsman14:30Main Stage
14Human Centered Design To Adress Daily Challenges of 2 Billion peoplePetra Wadstrom15:15Main Stage
15NetworkingTech Influencing15:45Main Stage