Denis Gorshkov

Denis Gorshkov

Denis Gorshkov

Chief Executive Officer @Diatom Enterprises

Senior operating and management executive with strong domestic and international management experience and a proven track record of driving revenue and profit growth. Strategically- focused with exceptional leadership skills. Effective at building high-performance teams and leading change in competitive business environments.

Carrier Highlights

Business Turnaround and Culture Change: Transformed a technology-focused organization into a high performance, customer-oriented company.

International Business Development: Organized successful software development company in Latvia to provide low cost software development services to North American and West European customers.

Strategic Product Development: Transformed a proprietary tool into an international shrink wrap software product

Customer Service: Established standardized project management methodologies to ensure exceptional and consistent standards of delivery of professional services to customers.

Specialties:IT Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Team Management.

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